Parher & Parbis Group also offers its international clients the assurance of the best legal advice during property transactions through the experienced legal lawyer from Marbella and Gibraltar, ensuring a fully transparent and straightforward process.

To further enhance the wide range of high quality services we offer our customers, Parher & Parbis Group  can also provide advice on renovation work and interior decoration for your new property in collaboration with some of the top architects and interior designers in the area.

A good team with a high degree of professionalism and experience, will  also advise you on Property Management and Insurance. The most important for Parher & Parbis is that its customers feel safe and can enjoy their property without worries.

Sotogrande is one of the most prestigious residential developments in Europe. It is within easy reach of several nearby towns, including Gibraltar, Tarifa, Marbella, Jerez de la Frontera, among others, and very close to three international airports.

Its inhabitants, generally with a high purchasing power, can enjoy the best services in an environment of great privacy and security. It is surrounded by two clean Mediterranean beaches with good water, a lively marina, four adjacent golf courses – one of them the 27-hole Almenara golf course – and half a dozen additional courses, a golf academy to start enjoying a unique sport with a long tradition in the area, an equestrian club, an excellent tennis and paddle tennis club, several polo fields of international prestige and an desirable gastronomic offer based on the unique quality of the fish and seafood of the area.

One of the most outstanding features of Sotogrande is the great view of Africa and the Strait of Gibraltar, with the Towers of Hercules in the foreground on one side and Gibraltar on the other. Gibraltar on one side and Jewel Musa on the other.


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